X Stitch Bag

My new bag for all my stitching supplies. By far the most complicated thing I've sewn. Despite my serious lack of sewing abilities, I think it came out fairly well, although there are some definite flaws. Namely my complete inability to sew straight, which I blame on being left handed because it sounds like a good excuse. Plus I think my sewing machine hates me. It must sense my growing hatred of sewing.


It's approximately 8" x 8" and holds up to a 6" hoop comfortably. An empty 7" hoop fit, but with the extra fabric, it wouldn't fit as well as it should. Most of my work is in 4 or 5" hoops anyway.

Above is the view of the inside. I added a pocket for my scissors and a slightly larger one for thread and a little cushion i made for my needles (better view of it in the photo below). Right now it's not attached to anything, but I'll probably attach it to the pocket. I also added a button (the yellow thing on the left side) to put my unused thread on. More specifically the leftover thread when you take the strands you need.

The hoop in the photos is 5".

Took the bag to work yesterday for a test run, and other than the needle cushion probably needing to be attached to something, it held up well. Most likely I'll add another button and use some kind of ribbon to attach the cushion to it. I may also add some extra flair on the outside.