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Grammy Thoughts

  •  The new U2 song is pretty bad. They sounded like a band trying too hard to make a comeback. Sadly, I don't think Bono can write songs anymore
  • You could definitely tell Whitney Houston has been out of the spotlight for awhile, she didn't know what to do with herself.
  • Simon Baker's intro for U2play was obviously supposed to be for Radiohead, Transcendant? I don't think so.
  • Way to go Chris Martin, you out Bono-ed Bono! Their costumer couldn't have given him a longer shirt? I'm glad they apologized to Paul McCartney. 
  • Kid Rock...don't sing...ever.
  • Is it me, or has Robert Plant lost his accent?
  • Wow, the Jonas Brothers are actually worse than I expected. I'm glad the Grammy people were nice enough to pair them with Stevie Wonder, no one should have to look at those toolboxes.
  • I'm glad I got my Best New Artist pick wrong. I didn't really think people would be stupid enough to pick the Jonas Brothers, but I couldn't see anyone else winning. Good job picking someone with actual talent Grammy voters!
  • The "Rap Pack" was a total mess.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow totally wishes she married Thom Yorke. I wish I was in the USC band. Playing with Radiohead at the Grammys= able to die happy. Nice of U2play to give them a standing ovation. They should also give Radiohead all the Grammys they've won tonight. Just saying.
  • There are WAY too many performances, it should really just be those artists nominated in the major categories with maybe a couple of tributes. Most of the performances aren't even that good, trim the fat people.
  • I went 2 for 4 on my predictions, so not horrible. The Robert Plant- Alison Krauss songs sounded interesting

Grammy Predictions

I'm actually interested in this year's Grammy's. The nominees are actually pretty decent, Radiohead is performing, and MIA might give birth on stage. It might actually be an interesting award show! Here are my crack predictions for the some of the awards

Interesting thing to note, the last 2 years, one artist has won 3 of the 4 major awards.

Record of the year: Viva La Vida because I think it's going to be a Coldplay night, but I wouldn't be surprised if one of the other songs won, except Chasing Pavements.

Song of the year: Viva La Vida, with slim odds to American Boy

Album of the year: In Rainbows should win, but I'll go with Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends or Raising Sand

Best New Artist: this one is a crapshoot, most of the nominees weren't all that successful, and based on recent winners, it's always someone successful, so I'll go with Jonas Brothers (yuck)