December to Remember

Been feeling craptastic the last few days, so I'm behind a bit on updates.

Novemeber recap:

The Autour de Lucie album has held up pretty well over the years. I should listen to it more. The New Radicals album is still not something I would want to listen to very often, but the songs are interesting. as I listened to it more, it seemed that he was going for a subversive pop angle, which given the time period in which the album came out, is interesting. Although I'm not sure that it holds up very well in 2008. Great pop songs always stand the test of time.

December's album:

Remy Zero- Villa Elaine:
This is one of the very few albums I loved from the first time I heard it. Probably because there's a nice bass line starting things off, and I'm a sucker for bass lines. So it was an instant favorite of mine. It's still my favorite RZ album, but it's been some time since I've listened to it. It'll be a nice way to end this crazy little project of mine.