Internet has been spotty today, thus the delay....

September recap:

I enjoyed listening to the Cardigans more than Nada Surf. Not really sure why though. Could be that The Proximity Effect isn't standing up to the test of time. It's supposed to be my favorite Nada Surf album, but listening to it, it didn't feel that way. Listening to Gran Turismo made me briefly consider buying some more Cardigans albums, but then i realized I've been down this road before and decided just to stick with the one album. I think some bands are like that. One album is good enough, any more may be pushing your luck.

This months treats...

Dave Matthews Band- Before These Crowded Streets
This album came out during my brief DMB phase in 97-98. Since then, I probably haven't listened to this album more than 2 times, and certainly not in the last 5 years. I always liked DMB's first two albums (particularly Crash) more than this one. If I remember correctly, there are some more experimental types of things going on I didn't particularly care for. But I do think that "Crush" is very good song and most likely the highlight of the album.

Pulp- This is Hardcore
I bought this album on the one cd shopping trip I ever took with one of my brothers. I liked the title track and its video, but more specifically the song that it is sampled from. That song actually helped me memorize the Hamlet ("to be or not to be") speech. I mostly listened to the album when trying to fall asleep, so it became familiar through osmosis. I knew the album so well that I had no clue that one of my favorite songs from the movie Great Expectations ("Like a Friend") was on the album until after I'd bought the soundtrack. In the past few years I've been listening to both this album and Different Class quite a bit. they're quite different albums, but equally as good I think.

Also been listening to...

Tegan & Sara- So Jealous (enjoying quite a bit)
Destroyer- Trouble in Dreams (jury's still out)
Little Jackie- The Stoop (just got it, too soon to say)
Sondre Lerche- Faces Down (forgot how much I like it)

Avoiding listening to...

David Usher- Wake Up & Say Goodbye (the single worries me)
Nikka Costa- Pebble to a Pearl (I'm trying to avoid listening to anything from the album before it comes out so it's all new to me)