Concert: Black Keys

Saw the Black Keys for the second time last night at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Apparently I forgot to recap the show back in April March. (edit: apparently my recap consisted of the following sentence- "Saw the Black Keys last week. good show, but too short. I'm liking the new album."). So this will be a comparison piece. This show was smaller than the first one, and not as good in almost every way possible. The sound was awful. easily the worst sounding venue I've ever been to and it's a freaking House of Blues. It was way too bass heavy, on most songs you could barely hear the guitar, which sounded really muffled when you could hear it and you could barely make out anything Dan was saying. So that really tainted the whole show. The crowd was ok, probably 50% actual Black Keys fans and 50% people who just happened to be at Downtown Disney at that time. After going to a show in Hollywood followed by a show in Orange County, I think the best crowds are in the black hole area where I live. More actual fans who appreciate having shows in the area. The only thing redeeming about the show was that they played some songs from the new album. At the first show (which was right after before the album came out) they didn't play any new songs. Here's some of the songs they played...

Have Love Will Travel
Set You Free
10 am Automatic
Stack Shot Billy
Girl is on My Mind
When the Lights Go Out
Just Couldn't Tie Me Down
Your Touch
Just Got To Be
I Got Mine
Strange Times
Psychotic Girl
Same Old Thing