July recap:

David Usher- Little Songs is just fantastic. It's almost sad that his debut is so great because everything after kind of pales in comparison. Not to say that his other albums aren't good. If God Had Curves has a few songs that hint at the rawness of that first album. I'm interested to see the direction he takes his new album...just under 2 months to go.

Emm Gryner- it was great to listen to Public again after so long. Definitely made me want to listen to more, So i've added Science Fair to the mix. I'm also trying to resolve the debate in my head as to which album is better.

August's random theme this month, unfortunately..

PJ Harvey- Is This Desire?
This album is a wee bit of a cheat since a)it's not mine and 2)I never even heard the album until about 2002. However, I do remember hearing "A Perfect Day Elise" back in 98 and I did like it, I just never got around to listening to more of the album. But I have become a PJ fan since then. My "thing" with this album has been that I've never been able to differentiate it from To Bring You My Love because I heard them at the same time. Which is why I added it to this little experiment of mine. I know I like the album, but i really don't know how much. So I'll be spending the month thinking "This song is on this album? Who knew?" A lot.

Jude- No One is Really Beautiful
Way back when, I was really into this album and probably would've said that Jude was my favorite male artist. Now i'm not so sure I'll even enjoy the album outside of  "I Know", which I still think is a great song. so this should be interesting.