Random Thoughts

  • Thank you Kansas and Memphis for ruining my chances at winning either one of my tournament pools.
  • Saw the Black Keys last week. Good show, but too short. I'm liking the new album.
  • I think XTC is one of those bands I think I should like more than I actually do. I've listened to 'Skylarking' a bunch of times, and I do like some of the songs, but it's just not doing it for me overall. I definitely hear the influence the album had on Blur's 'Great Escape'.
  • It's almost vacation time!
  • Some thoughts after a week of listening to Bic Runga and Madonna (see last entry)...I remember why I liked 'Drive' so much, and how much I like Bic Runga's voice. 'Ray of Light'.....you can definitely tell it's Madonna's "motherhood has changed me" album. There are some songs I still like though. But it got me thinking about my favorite Madonna songs...in chronological order....

    1. Material Girl (this is mostly for sentimental reasons, when this song was out, pink was my favorite color, so the video was like heaven to me)
    2. Into the Groove
    3. Open Your Heart
    4. Like a Prayer
    5. Secret
    6. Human Nature