April 2008 Archives

Random Thoughts

  • Thank you Kansas and Memphis for ruining my chances at winning either one of my tournament pools.
  • Saw the Black Keys last week. Good show, but too short. I'm liking the new album.
  • I think XTC is one of those bands I think I should like more than I actually do. I've listened to 'Skylarking' a bunch of times, and I do like some of the songs, but it's just not doing it for me overall. I definitely hear the influence the album had on Blur's 'Great Escape'.
  • It's almost vacation time!
  • Some thoughts after a week of listening to Bic Runga and Madonna (see last entry)...I remember why I liked 'Drive' so much, and how much I like Bic Runga's voice. 'Ray of Light'.....you can definitely tell it's Madonna's "motherhood has changed me" album. There are some songs I still like though. But it got me thinking about my favorite Madonna songs...in chronological order....

    1. Material Girl (this is mostly for sentimental reasons, when this song was out, pink was my favorite color, so the video was like heaven to me)
    2. Into the Groove
    3. Open Your Heart
    4. Like a Prayer
    5. Secret
    6. Human Nature

April Fools

Watched 'Atonement' earlier tonight....what a downer that was.

Listening to Air for the last time before I add April's albums to the mp3 player. Air and Brian Jonestown Massacre made for an interesting combination, since BJM is very 60s sounding and Moon Safari has a mellow 70s feel. Definitely good to listen to as the day is winding down. Or when you want something you can easily ignore if need be. I enjoyed listening to BJM, maybe I'll listen to it again in another 6 months. It's a good album, but not something I'm in the mood for all that often. Anywho...this month's albums...

Bic Runga- Drive
Last listened to this album 3+ years ago(???), although I listened to it a whole bunch back when it was current. Probably one of my favorite albums from 98. It'll be interesting to have this in the rotation since right now I'm in a Replacements/Clash mood and Bic Runga is the exact opposite of both those bands' sounds.

Madonna- Ray of Light
The one and only Madonna studio album I own (that isn't on vinyl). It's been probably 9 years since I listened to it. For some reason this album reminds me of the spring break I went to Alabama. when I got back home, I was dying to listen to this album. I don't think I like half the songs on it, but it's been so long, who knows anymore. I have no doubt I'll be reminded why it's been so long since I listened.

As a bonus I'm adding Rufus Wainwright- "April Fools".