Starting the New Year Off Right

In an effort to (1) get some different stuff on my mp3 player, (2) hopefully rediscover albums/bands and (3) reminisce about the "good old days", I'm going to add 1-2 albums that came out in 1998 to my mp3 player every month. Some I've listened to more recently, others probably not since 1998, so that will be interesting. Also, they'll be randomly selected so I won't be tempted to play favorites.

For the first month I'll be listening to...Tori Amos- From The Choirgirl Hotel and Cake- Prolonging The Magic. I haven't listened to From The Choirgirl Hotel in forever. It's the only Tori Amos album I will touch since she's batshit crazy. It always reminds me of getting ready for school though. Ahh, high school.