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Concert: The Good Life

Last night I finally got to see The Good Life. They were nice enough to play at my "local" venue and not just LA. Got there early enough to get a really good spot....off to the side but on a platform so I could see everything. I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of the crowd since this is Tim Kasher's side project, but there were almost as many people there as when I saw Cursive last year. Anyway, I completely ignored the first band as they had a female singer and I don't do female singers in rock bands. The second act was better, more country though.

The Good Life was really really good. They played a great set with almost all the songs I wanted to hear. They started off with "Lovers Need Lawyers" so I was definitely happy with that. And they ended the encore with a badass version of  "Notes in his Pockets", which was the #1 song I wanted to hear. And Tim made fun of people dressing up for Halloween. Good times. Got the setlist (see below) and left with a nice concert high. Which is probably why I feel like ass right now- concert hangover..boo.

I love the new album, I definitely like it more than the last one, although I think the best songs from Album of the Year are better than the best songs from Help Wanted Nights. I may change my mind on that though.

Time to lay on the couch and die....


Long Overdue SLC Recap

A couple weeks ago I went up to Salt Lake to visit a friend and to see John Vanderslice play in Provo and SLC. I wish I'd taken more pictures, but I generally suck at remembering to take pictures....


Arrived in Mormon country, drove down to Provo (hardcore Mormon country), hit thrift store #1, grabbed some food and proceeded to the venue. Had to wait in line awhile because the doors were pushed back cause the opening band was late getting in and needed food. In the meantime, there were plenty of LA-area douchebags around to remind me of home, further reminding me why i don't go to JV's LA shows and opt to go to San Diego instead. Finally get in, find a good seat with a nice view of the stage, good for taking pictures.....if I hadn't left my camera in the car (strike 1). The venue was pretty cool, reminded me of a smaller Mercury (aka the Parish) in Austin. JV was great as always....played a similar set to the San Diego show, including...

White Dove
Time To Go
Tablespoon of Codeine
Numbered Lithograph
Dear Sarah Shu
Trance Manual
Exodus Damage
The Tower
Up Above the Sea
Pale Horse
Underneath the Leaves

and for the "encore" Keep the Dream Alive unplugged in the crowd.

After almost everyone had left, JV took to the streets outside the venue and played You Were My Fiji by request since the band didn't know it. Yet another opportunity for pictures (strike 2).....THEN he went down the street to a gelato place and played Nikki Oh Nikki. I think the employees were really confused as to what was going on, but JV brought them business. He still had to buy is own gelato though. Oh...and yeah, another chance for pictures (strike 3, I suck).

On the way back to SLC, we picked up some Krispy Kreme doughnuts (which are hard to come by out there)...yummy


More thrift stores....picked up a polo, sweater, 2 belts, and a chain for the bear charm i got the last time I was in town. Jason's Deli for lunch...mmm......COME TO CALIFORNIA. I miss that place. I had greek food for the first time....yummy stuff. Then it was off to the venue for the show. This time I got in free as part of JV's merch crew. Hung out a bit before the show chatting with JV and selling stuff. After the show started I went to try to take some pictures. I had a shit angle, so this was the best i could do....

Another great show....basically identical setlist to the night before, except he played They Won't Let Me Run instead of some other song, and did Keep The Dream Alive and Nikki Oh Nikki as the in crowd "encore". I really wanted to hear The Parade again cause that's one of my favorites from the new album.

Handled the post show merch rush pretty well. Got a tote bag for myself. After, JV and Daniel Hart went to record a Daytrotter session, so I watched that from afar. I'll post a link when it's available.

From the merch table...


Went to the ghetto mall or the San Antonio mall as my friend likes to call it. It was actually really cool. it reminded me of the way malls were when I was younger and didn't despise them. Back before it was all Gap, Aberchrombie, Victoria's Secret and all the other bs. When the food courts were all random places instead of fast food chains. Had some yummy chinese food for cheap. SLC is pretty lousy on sunday because hardly anything is open. Went to Costco and got a churro and drove around for awhile before going to the airport.

It was lots of fun, especially seeing JV 2 nights in a row. reminds me of old times.

Reading List Update

Still in no particular order.....

Fluke- Christopher Moore

The Book of Joe- Jonathan Tropper

Dexter in the Dark- Jeff Lindsay

Love is a Mix Tape- Rob Sheffield

How to Talk to a Widower- Jonathan Tropper

Girl with a Pearl Earring- Tracy Chevalier

A Dirty Job- Christopher Moore

Rant- Chuck Palahniuk

The Time Traveler's Wife- Audrey Niffenegger

2 additions....

Me and Mr. Darcy- Alexandra Potter (just bought this one today cause I need something to do during class and I forgot the bookIi meant to bring)

The Gun Seller- Hugh Laurie (on a side note: I already like this season of House better than last)

I read Love is a Mix Tape in one day (it's pretty short), I really liked it. It was nice to see someone look back on 90s culture and say positive things. Just further reminded me how craptastic this decade has been in comparison.