Concert: John Vanderslice

From my rough estimation, I've seen JV 6 or 7 times since 2001, but the last time I saw him was 2003 which I regret now since his shows are always good.

I chose to go to the San Diego show instead of the LA show because it was on my day off and I think I like san diego crowds better. Of course the downside is the 2 hour drive each way. The show was at the Casbah, which reminded me a lot of Emos....same type of atmosphere, good crowds, etc. I'm sure if I lived in the area, I'd go there a lot, but of course I don't, so I suck.

Here's some of the songs he played:

Up Above the Sea
Underneath the Leaves
Keep the Dream Alive
Time Travel is Lonely
Letter to the East Coast (guest singer)
Trance Manual
Exodus Damage
Dear Sarah Shu
White Plains
Nikki Oh Nikki
Do You Remember?
My Old Flame

The JV/ Dave on drums combo was cool, nice to hear the songs a bit stripped down, wish he played "Radiant With Terror" though. someone asked if he was going to play "Speed Lab" (from his 1st album) and he said that they didn't know it, I found that funny because from the first time I saw JV, there's always been a song someone requests that they don't know.

Definitely looking forward to the new album in July and seeing him again in the fall.