Greetings and salutations!

I’m Stephanie. I live in Southern California, but I’m originally from Texas. I make things. These days, that means cross stitched things mostly. I can’t cut or sew things in a straight line to save my life. I love music. I have a soft spot for anything from the 80s. I have a decent sized record collection that I’m always looking to expand. I’m a pop culture junkie and a big sports fan, so my brain is full of all kinds of useless knowledge. Sometimes I ramble.

I’m pretty active around the interwebs, so come say hi!

Or you can send me an email: ponyinarope at gmail dot com

So what's all this pony stuff?

Pony in a rope has nothing to do with ponies (actually I don’t even like ponies). It’s a made up phrase that’s just another way of saying “get your sh*t together”. For me, that means always working at something, whether it’s creative stuff, maintaining a blog, or figuring out which Police album is the best. So this site is a place for me to talk about the neverending process of getting your pony in a rope.